Welcome to Sharpton Services Ltd

We provide all types of IT Support for small to medium companies at a fraction of the cost. Our customers are very important to us, and we are here to take your IT issues off your mind

We Offer :

Consultancy - We will offer a free evaluation of your current IT Infrastructure, and provide a intensive report on what we can provide for you. We will continue to provide consultancy throughout our contract with you.

Desktop\Server Support - Support all your hardware and OS issues. We have in-depth knowledge of Windows, Linux, Solaris and Enterprise applications. Backing up your data, and ensuring key systems have a zero downtime. Reconfiguring your current setup so that you are utilising your current IT infrastructure to the fullest possibilities.

Software & Hardware Maintenance - Provide desktop and server health checks to ensure your IT Systems are never down. Perform hardware and software upgrades.

Network Implementation - We will get all your computers talking to each other. Configure your network infrastructure to ensure you benefit from the performance and connectivity available today.

On-Site Support - Provide hands on help, and face-to-face help on IT problems.

Supply and install IT Kit - We can purchase and configure all IT Hardware ranging from custom built PC's and Servers to named brands like HP, IBM and Dell. We also have several contacts to provide you with refurbished branded kit from desktops to laptops to reduce your IT costs. All the new Kit we provide you comes with 1-3 year on-site support warranty

Email and Internet Implementation - We can setup email and configure your computer(s) so that you don't feel disconnected from the rest of the world.

Security Services - Ensure all your systems are secure and not vulnerable to security threats. This will cover security configuration, software patches for Enterprise applications like SQL Server, IIS, Windows, and receive regular Anti-Virus updates, including Firewall configuration and analysis.

IT Health Check - This fits in with our Software and Hardware Maintenance service. We will perform monthly or quarterly health checks on your IT systems. This is to ensure that we identify IT issues before it comes a problem. This will comprise of desktop configuration, hard disk defragmentation, updating hardware drivers and software etc. All to ensure that your desktop systems are fully usable 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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For more info please email us - info @ sharptonservices.com